Important Documents

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Christchurch is an agency member of the Canterbury Youth Worker Collective.It has adopted the Collective’s code of ethics.
Please read through the code and become familiar with it’s content.
The Collective regularly hold training days that assist in understanding the background and application of the code.

Mentoring relationships are confidential. But what exactly does that mean? Our match confidentiality policy explains where confidentiality starts and stops.

From time to time, young people can disclose quite distressing information to their mentor. It is important that the information is handled well. If you have a concern about something a young person has disclosed to you, call your Supervisor and read this policy about how mentors and our agency respond.

If you have a complaint to make, please look at our complaints policy and procedure

Risk Management is paramount to the programme.  Attached is information about assessing and mitigating against risk - risk analysis in community based mentoring activities. 

In case of an incident

While incidents and accidents rarely happen in a mentoring setting, it is the mentor's responsibility to manage the immediate response. Depending on the nature of the incident, you should call the young person's parent, your supervisor and if necessary, the appropriate emergency service. Following the incident, we ask you to complete this form. Incidents include minor car crashes, breakages, all injuries, significant interpersonal conflicts or where some emotional harm or distress may have been caused.


If, at any time, you experience any problems with mentoring, or if you have anything you want to discuss with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Christchurch, please don’t hesitate to contact your supervisor or call the Office.

Mentoring can be a challenging task at times, so we have put together this to help you make sense of those difficult times.