Community-Based Mentoring 

Community-based mentoring is thetraditional Big Brothers Big Sisters relationship. It happens after school oron the weekend. It’s all about the volunteer and the young person spendingone-on-one time together doing things they both enjoy –usually for an hour orso, once a week.

The mentor arranges the time with the child’s care giver and picks thechild up from their home or school. Most sessions take place in the community,at a library, at the park, at the lake or maybe at a mountain bike track. It’snot so much about the activity but about spending quality time togetherdeveloping the relationship.

Wade and Luke were one of the first Rotorua matches. Their mentoring friendship has being going for nearly three years now and is still going strong. Wade and Luke have lots in common including a love for fishing and hot rods cars – what a great match!​