Enrol A Child

The intake to the programme is for children between 6 and 12 years of age. Unfortunately we don't take children with complex needs, as our mentors are volunteers and not trained specialists. Children are taken by a case by case basis so if you are unsure please call the Nelson-Tasman office (03 545 9864). 

Big Brothers Big Sisters would love to have the capacity and finances to match every young person. However, this is not the case (although we are always hopeful) and due to these limits we are not able to guarantee any young person will receive a mentor or the time it will take to make a match. 

There are many variables around making a successful match and these all impact the time and likelihood of a match being made.  In saying that – good things and the right mentor are worth waiting for! The Big Brothers Big Sisters team continues working to recruit, vet and train new mentors in the hope of starting great matches. 

To enrol a child, please fill out the form below and a staff member will be in touch. Alternatively please contact the Nelson-Tasman office (03 545 9864).