Our Team

Matthew Button


I am so thankful to the good people who have mentored me through life - Mr Coe, my Year 6 teacher, Mr Kennett, my accounting teacher, Les a wise and gentle man and Paul, an elderly man who listened to me through many of life's crises. You all inspired me and taught me a great deal about the value of just being there and pouring positive messages over the fires of my self doubt. So now I know the value of it in my own life, I love working in a place where I can help young people to have mentors who tell them that they are okay.

Email: matt@bbbs.nz

Rachel Hewitt

Assistant Manager

Rachel formerly worked as the Administrator for Big Brothers Big Sisters and after a short time away has recently returned to support Matt and the BBBS team. 

Rachel is passionate about seeing the BBBS programme continue to grow and will be focusing on networking, communications and fundraising.

Email: rachel@bbbs.nz

Kirsty Newberry

Mentoring Coordinator

Kirsty has been at Big Brothers Big Sisters since early 2016 and supports mentors in the south east of Christchurch.She is a true adventurer at heart and loves nothing more then seeing her mentors having the opportunities to grow and develop through their volunteering experiences. 

Kirsty also looks after the Mentor Development elements of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Programme.

Email: kirsty@bbbs.nz 

Faye Higgins

Mentoring Coordinator

2017 welcomes our newest staff member, Faye Higgins. ​Faye will be supervising matches in the South west of the City as well as some in the North.

Faye has come from an background in education support, specialising in special needs education. She brings a wealth of experience and passion in child development.

She has already proven to be an amazing asset to our team and the matches she supervisors.

Email: faye@bbbs.nz