Enrolling Your Child fAQS

What can I expect?


Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteers, or "mentors", share 1-4 hours a week, most weeks, with the young person they are matched with for at least 1 year. Sharing everyday moments - cooking a meal, playing a game or walking on the beach ­- lets the child know they have a special friend.


Is there an age requirement?


Your child can enter the programme between the ages of 6 & 12 and then could potentially stay with their mentor up until the age of 18 years.


How will I know if the Mentor will be suitable for my child and how
long does it take?


Making the right match between a mentor and the child is a very important part of this friendship process. All prospective volunteers are carefully interviewed and a thorough inquiry is done to ensure that they are reliable, caring, safe adult mentor receives on-going supervision and training for the duration of the match.

We make matches based on what the mentor's and the young person's interests are, the age range they would like, location, and other factors which would make the match a success. Because of this, it is always hard to say how quickly we can match a young person. We can’t guarantee a match, but we will do our very best. We always have young people on our waiting list.

Because the one to one aspect of the programme is so important, we ask the mentor to concentrate on developing a friendship with the child they are matched with rather than with other family members. This can help the young person feel special and learn to trust the mentor. The chances of the relationship succeeding will then be much greater. The mentor’s role is as a friend and not a parent, counsellor, tutor, chauffeur, or baby-sitter.


What will you need from me?


To make the mentoring relationship work the young person and their parent/caregiver be keen to be part of our programme, willing to ensure that they will be contactable regarding meetings and for us to follow up and check on how it is going.

We require direct contact from the legal guardian of the young person, please encourage them to call us on 03 545 9864 or complete the form below, and we will be in touch.


The Checklist

Is my child able to get a Big Brother or Sister?


We would love to give every child a Big Brother Big Sister, however we do have some criteria that your child will need to meet before applying. Please check the list below before you begin. If you are unsure whether child meets the requirements, call us and we will happily talk over the process on the phone.


* Are you the parent or legal guardian?

* Is your young person aged 6-12 years of age?

We are not able to take young people with complex behavioural or many mental health diagnoses as our Mentors are volunteers and not trained in this area of needs, however, call us if you are unsure.

* Does the young person want to have a Mentor?

* Are you regularly to be in phone contact with a Mentor?


Once submitted we will need to make sure your application meets our criteria and then we will be in touch within 1-5 working days.