Inform Us of a Christchurch Young Person who would benefit 

Every young person benefits from strong healthy role models.
However, some young people (through no fault of their own) are more vulnerable than others, often disadvantaged and needing extra support to help them thrive. These are the young people Big Brothers Big Sisters wants to know about.

Big Brothers Big Sisters would love to have the capacity and finances to match every young person. However, this is not the case (although we are always hopeful) and due to these limits we are neither able to guarantee any young person will receive a mentor or the time it will take to make a match

There are many variables that impact the likelihood and timing of a match being made, such as; age, location, interests.

In saying that – Good things and the right Mentor are worth waiting for!

Notifications will be confidentially filed with the Big Brothers Big Sisters team and we will only make contact for more information if we are able to go further. Until that point there is no need to contact us – it is simply a waiting game

The Big Brothers Big Sisters team continues to recruit, vet and train new mentors to start new matches. If you would like to know more about other ways you can help support Big Brothers Big Sisters to achieve this goal please contact the Christchurch office (03) 358 4019.

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