The Mentoring Effect

Changing the course of young lives, changes the future of communities.
We believe wholeheartedly in the 'Mentoring Effect' and in the lives of the young people in our programme.

We believe mentoring creates brighter futures. 

Does it Make a Difference?

Whether you are a looking to become a volunteer, a donor looking to give, or a parent/caregiver keen for your young person to have a mentor, you want to know the programme is going to have an impact. International research has proven that mentoring changes lives and that every $1 invested into a Big Brothers Big Sisters programme has an $18 social return on investment (SROI).
Big Brothers Big Sisters tests itself annually against evidence based best practice guidelines. We also use tools to evaluate our programmes effectiveness in supporting volunteers, our tamariki (young people) and their whanau (families) in our hapori whānui (wider communities).
Depending on the location of the Big Brothers Big Sisters branch, there are a variety of volunteer opportunities available for those wanting to be a part of the Mentoring Effect.