Our Vision

To build resilience into tamariki (young people) so they may reach their potential.


Our Values

  • Use Your Best Judgement
  • Trust Yourself Develop & Grow
  • Continuous Learning
  • Everyone has Value
    Be Yourself, Value Others
  • Give of Yourself
  • Generosity
  • Make a Positive Difference
  • One is Worth it
  • Build Bridges
  • Connecting one Person to Many
  • Simplicity
  • Just be There

Our Purpose

To encourage the healthy development of tamariki by providing a mentoring service with the objectives of:

  • Minimising the impact of transitional stages in our tamariki's personal development
  • Building self-efficacy by using a strengths-based approach when working with the individual
  • Facilitate relationship building within the peer group
  • Encouraging connectedness to others and society
  • Installing a belief that tamariki have choices about their future  

Our Pogramme

School-based mentoring
Mentors go into school once a week during term time. They collect their Little from class and spend an hour together playing sports, board games, baking, lego, crafts and more. Either in the school library, staff room, meeting room or out in the playground.

Community-based mentoring
Mentors pick their Little up from home once a week either at the weekend or weekday after school. Bigs and Littles hang out in the community at parks, libraries, the beach, cafés or other free facilities. Playing sports, hanging out, going to for a drink, walks, playing board games, bike rides, crafts and more.

Mentoring sessions are a fun, relaxed time when young people and their mentors hang out and build a friendship. It’s all about spending one-to-one time together doing things both the big and little enjoy from 1 to 3 hours once a week.

One hour. Once a Week. One life.